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One of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Oakville.


Let us help you find your perfect place to call home.

This neighbourhood is one of the most exclusive in Oakville, with large estates and custom-built homes. It's located in the southeastern part of town, close to Lake Ontario and the Morrison Valley North Park. Morrison is known for its luxurious lifestyle and privacy, attracting wealthy families and high-profile individuals who value quiet, upscale living.

St. Vincent Catholic Elementary School 
St. Marguerite d'Youville Catholic Elementary School (Offering French Immersion)
St. Mary Catholic Elementary School (Offering French Immersion)
St. Nicholas Catholic Elementary School (Offering Extended French)
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School
New Central Public Elementary School
Maple Grove Public Elementary School
E.J. James Public Elementary School (Offering French Immersion)
Oakville Trafalgar Secondary School


Linbrook School (Boys K-8)
Oakville Christian School (Pre K-8)
Walden International School (Pre K-8)
Clanmore Montessori (Pre K-8)
Dearcroft Montessori (Pre K-8)
Fern Hill School (Pre K-8)
Rotherglen School (Casa Program - 8)
Wildwood Academy (Gr. 2-8)
MacLachlan College (K-12)
St. Mildred's Lightbourn School (Girls Pre K-12)
Appleby College (Gr. 7-12)
Chisolm Academy (Gr. 7-12)

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