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Diana and Reneeta events


Virtual property showings, cinematic videos, events and open houses, balanced with social media and traditional marketing strategies are just a few ways Diana + Reneeta use technology to give our clients the competitive edge.


No two homes are alike and each has a story to tell.

We are uniquely positioned to create and share that story, having marketed and sold some of the most iconic properties in the world. Our in-house marketing team creates a story, narratively and artistically, that helps buyers envision their lives, and the lives of their loved ones, in the comfort of your home.

Cinematic Video

Creating a cinematic experience for your home helps buyers fall in love with it before they have a chance to set for inside.

With many of today’s buyers coming from across the globe, it’s not uncommon for those buyers to send a representative or family member to preview a home on their behalf. Our Dynamic True Video tours allow buyers to see and connect with the seller’s home from anywhere in the world, giving your listing the exposure it deserves.
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Our Collateral

Our collateral design goes well beyond the standard brochure and flyer, breaking away from the one-size-fits-all mentality of the industry. Our full suite of marketing materials allows each property's individual character and personality to shine. The vision, care and effort we use to set The Agency apart in the industry are the same we use to market the properties we represent. The marketing team creates tangible touchpoints - collateral that leaves a lasting impact, long after a prospect's first interaction with a property.

Digital Campaigns

Targeted digital campaigns highly focused to reach qualified prospects for your listing. Through eblast campaigns, website display ads and targeted social media ads, we ensure your message reaches the right audience and delivers measurable returns.

Print + Digital Advertising

Our marketing team designs memorable print and digital advertising campaigns that engage buyers and pique their interest to learn more. Compelling advertising provides maximum exposure while ensuring your home stands out in the crowd.
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Reneeta Vigueras and Diana Boyd event

Events + Open Houses

Generating a buzz is what we do best. And what better way to make your home the toast of the town than with an unforgettable event. Not only do we curate the invite list and manage the event, we leverage our partnerships with luxury brands to ensure peak sophistication and style

Social Media

Our social media channels offer immeasurable value to our clients. We have an unmatched global following of prospects and brokers, who can be reached on a moment's notice. The Agency also partners with leading publications to stage lnstagram takeovers that showcase some of our most notable listings.
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Extraordinary Photography

First impressions are everything. To maximize the appeal of your home, we work with the very best in the business to create a stunning visual masterpiece guaranteed to grab the attention of prospective buyers.

The Agency Connect

The Agency devised and developed a fully integrated Client Relationship Management system - AgencyConnect - our biggest collaborative tool. The custom-built system allows us to seamlessly communicate amongst each other and with our clients to anticipate market trends and opportunities.
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3D Tours + Floor Plans

Accurate measurements and floor plans are a necessity when marketing to today’s sophisticated buyers. Every home will have onsite measurements and computerized floor plans.
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